Munching Goslings & Mama Kissing her Baby

9G0A0370 copy.jpgMunching Goslings.jpg


Mama Taking a Break From the Nest.jpg

Mama Bald Eagle taking a break from her fast growing and forever hungry Eaglets.


Female Bluebird w:Caterpillar.jpg

All songbirds are busy feeding their young now…just like this female Bluebird with a Caterpillar in her beak. Both she and her mate were busy dropping into the grass or going into the trees looking for food.


Female Anna's Getting Nectar.jpg

Female Annas Hummingbird getting some nectar.


Sibling's Admiring Each Other.jpg

Bald Eaglets are 7 weeks old and are BIG! On the left is #5 (female) and on the right, #6 (male). They will fledge in June!


Mama Carefully Scratching 1-30-19.jpg

Mama Bald Eagle is “carefully” scratching her head with her razor sharp talons with Papa perched next to her.